Windows 7 Top Seller for Microsoft

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Microsoft has announced that Windows 7 is now the top selling operating system of all time, even surpassing their Windows 95 and 98 operating systems. This comes as no surprise to most people that are happy with the new system that is an upgrade from the Windows XP version and a skip over the failed Windows Vista.

At press time Microsoft announced that 150 million copies of Windows 7 had been sold. A company blog reports that a copy is being sold every seven seconds, making it the fastest and best selling operating system from the software giant. Much like the advertising campaign suggests, this operating system is due to the company listening to the needs and desires of the customers.

Microsoft is also working hard on the Windows Live suite, which is a powerful addition to the new operating system. While still listed in beta, the suite is a tool that allows for greater productivity in the operating system in the area of photos and so on. The media version is available free to all users of the Windows 7 operating system.

Microsoft was counting on the Windows 7 boom to remake them in a better image. Thanks to the downfalls of the previous Windows Vista the company was struggling to recapture some of the magic they enjoyed in the early years. They saw shrinking profits as Mac grab a large chunk of the market share.

Those days may be limited as Windows 7 seems to have all that the customers of the world want. Microsoft has said it will continue to work with their new operating system and enhance the overall appeal to the users of the world while still building useful tools that will help them get the most from their PC.

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