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Talk-Powered Cell Phones on the Horizon

Revolutionary research by Korean scientists might give the world its next source of conveniently obtainable energy source – chatty teenagers. Recent years have seen a staggering advancement of scientific methods that enable electricity to be generated out of piezoelectric devices. Experimental prototypes that generate power as we walk or run are already being tested. However,… Keep Reading


Attempted Koran Burning Foiled By Skateboarder

A Koran-burning attempt in Amarillo, Texas was recently foiled by the one of the most unlikely sources – A 23 year old skateboarder named Jacob Isom. He was one of about 200 protestors who had gathered to stop the Koran burning event. Mr. Isom was part of a group that was protesting a Koran-burning plan… Keep Reading


U.S. Hiker Freed After Year In Iranian Jail

U.S. hiker Sarah Shourd, 32, was released on Tuesday after spending more than a year in an Iranian jail. The American woman stated her gratefulness to Iran’s president for granting her freedom as she boarded her flight to the nearby Gulf sultanate of Oman where her mother was awaiting her. Shourd, her fiancé, Shane Bauer… Keep Reading


10 Covert Russian Spies Arrested in U.S.

While most believed that the Cold War had ended there is still a disturbing fact: Russia continues to send spies to the US. This is brought home by the recent arrest of 10 Russian operatives that had been operating in the US for years according to the formal statement. These arrests come after a multi-year… Keep Reading


BP Oil CEO May Be Out

BP CEO Tony Hayward may be on the job market soon if the rumors prove to be true. Recent reports, supposedly from an aide of Hayward, state that he will resign his position and name a successor in the coming days. Those close to Hayward say that this is in response to company hints that… Keep Reading


Nearly 2 Million iPhone 4 Units Sold

The sales figures are in for the weekend launch of the new iPhone 4, the newest smart phone offering from Apple and company leaders could not be happier. 1.7 million iPhone 4 handsets were sold making it the most successful launch in the history of the company. However, some problems stopped the company from making… Keep Reading


Senator Robert Byrd Dead at 92

The longest serving Senator in the history of Congress has died at the age of 92. Robert Byrd, a democrat from West Virginia served in Congress since taking office in 1959 and was a staunch defender of the constitution. He was a large part of the group that battled back against former President Bush in… Keep Reading


Jesse James and Sandra Bullock Divorced

The once power couple Sandra Bullock and Jesse James have finalized their divorce according to reports. This comes just months after affairs that James had with other women came to light. In recent months James has been interviewed several times and has expressed his remorse for the situation and apologized to his family, fans and… Keep Reading


Oil Workers Pulled as Alex Gains Strength

Tropical storm Alex is currently building strength and is on track to hit the Gulf coast. Many refining and oil companies are taking proactive measures to keep their people out of harm’s way by evacuating several platforms and getting those people to safety. The concern now is whether this will have an impact on the… Keep Reading

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