Italian Police to Get New Lamborghini Huracán

By the end of the year, Lamborghini will be providing a police version of the Huracán LP 610-4 to the Italian State Police. This continues the tradition started in 2004 when the department received a Lamborghini Gallardo from the company and, like the Gallardo, the Huracán will serve as an actual patrol vehicle dedicated primarily to high-speed chases… Keep Reading


Oculus VR Sued for Patent Infringement

On Wednesday of this week, American videogame company ZeniMax Media filed a patent infringement case against virtual reality specialist, VR Oculus. The complaint, filed in a Texas court, focuses on patents by Oculus, their computer code, and associated technical expertise in virtual reality. The allegation cites intellectual property being the foundation of the complainant’s business,… Keep Reading


Google Introducing a Tablet with 3D Vision

Internet giant Google is developing a new tablet with 3D capabilities, says the Wall Street Journal , citing sources familiar with the matter. The tablet is small, with a screen 7-inch (17.8 centimeters), and equipped with two rear cameras, infrared depth sensors and advanced software capable of capturing images of specific objects in three dimensions.… Keep Reading


Camera Drone Tutorials for Filmmakers Offered by VidMuze

As aerial cinematography continues to advance into more industries, VidMuze is making their years of filmmaking and aerial cinema experience available to help others with the steep learning curve to multi-rotors. With VidMuze’s knowledge, users will become more professional and safer in the aerial cinema industry. An exciting new training series combines the science of… Keep Reading


Prince Charles Compares Putin to Adolf Hitler

Prince Charles has sparked a new controversy by comparing Putin to Hitler during his Canadian tour. The comparison not only being controversial in itself but also being criticised because the heir to the throne is not to express an opinion about such matters. The comments were made while the prince was visiting the Canadian Museum… Keep Reading


Google Celebrates Rubik’s Cube 40th Anniversary

Since its inception in 1974, the Hungarian Ern? Rubik game has continued to attract generations of people across the world. And to celebrate its 40th anniversary, Google created an interactive copy of the cube to play on its home page. For some, it is entertainment, for others a real uphill battle. Hungarian Ern? Rubik, a… Keep Reading


Google to Purchase Twitch Video Service for $1 Billion

Google planning to rule streaming video with purchase of Twitch. According to Variety magazine, insiders are reporting that YouTube – which was purchased by Google for $1.65 Billion in stock in October 2006, – is negotiating to acquire streaming video platform Twitch for $1 Billion. While Variety is considering the deal to be imminent, the… Keep Reading


Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley’s Divorce Finalized

It’s official. Avril Lavigne has divorced Deryck Whibley, Sum 41 lead singer, after three years of marriage. The divorce was filed in L.A. County Superior Court, and widely reported as confirmed on Wednesday, November 16. According to gossip site TMZ, the filing states that neither party will get spousal support, and there was no pre-nuptial… Keep Reading

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