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Vacuuming with UV Light Almost Doubles Reduction of Carpet Microbes

A new study indicates that adding ultraviolet light to the agitation and suction of a vacuum cleaner can almost double the reduction of potentially dangerous microorganisms in a carpet compared to vacuuming without UV. According to researchers, their conclusions indicate that utilizing the germicidal properties of UV light into vacuuming may also be able to… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Implanted Retinal Chip Gives Sight to the Blind

Three blind people, who had a subretinal implant inserted under their retina, were able to see shapes and objects within days of the operation. The results of these surgeries were reported by German scientists in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. According to the presentation, one patient surprised researchers by recognizing and locating… Keep Reading


Texting, Internet Use at Bedtime Affects Mood In Teens

Over fifty percent of teens and children who surf the net or text message at bedtime not only have greater difficulty falling asleep, but have mood, behavior and cognitive difficulties during the daytime. This according to a study by US researchers and presented at a conference in Canada this week who additionally reported that on… Keep Reading


3D Laptop Display Panels to be Available in 2011

Stereoscopic 3D has recently been making inroads in gaming and television as well as experiencing a resurgence in feature films. 3D projectors and 3D HDTVs were shown at the CES Las Vegas show this year along with Sharp’s glassless 3D display for the Nintendo 3DS. Many Japanese cellphone displays have also become 3D-enabled and feature… Keep Reading


San Francisco Riots After Giants Win

The west-coast city of San Francisco was spotted with fires Tuesday evening following the city’s baseball team’s win. Incidents of violence and vandalism was scattered over a number of areas, and details spread around the world in near real-time as witnesses streamed and posted videos and photos. The San Francisco Giants won the World Series… Keep Reading


Discovery Channel’s Ghost Lab Launches Paranormal Social Network

Invixis Media Systems in cooperation with the stars of Discovery Channel’s, Ghost Lab launch comprehensive, paranormal social network Raleigh, NC — Invixis Media Systems, with offices in Raleigh, NC, and Franklin, OH, announced as its first major client, Brad and Barry Klinge from the Discovery Channel show Ghost Lab, which is broadcast on Canada’s Discovery… Keep Reading


Film About Chilean Miners Rescue in Production

Master Films Productions announced today that it will soon begin filming the Dino Di Durante movie Miracle Underground, produced by Boris Acosta. Director Armand Mastroianni, and a crew that includes an Oscar-winning editor Thom Noble (Witness, Mask of Zorro, Red),  will tell the story of the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped almost 700 meters… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Neurosurgeon Broadcasts Surgeries Live Over the Web

Aaron Cohen-Gadol, MD, a neurosurgeon with Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, is using the latest internet technologies to webcast his surgeries live online to train other doctors remotely. In a recent conference of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons in San Francisco, 200 of the country’s best neurosurgeons logged in to view the live surgery taking… Keep Reading


Chiropractic Care Ends Vertigo in 97% of Meniere’s Disease Patients

Ten years of Meniere’s disease research by Dr. Michael T. Burcon results in elimination of vertigo in 291 out of 300 patients. Michael T. Burcon, DC started researching Meniere’s disease (MD) ten years ago after having three MD patients quickly recover from their vertigo under upper cervical specific chiropractic care. His papers have been published… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Study Reveals Alcohol More Damaging than Heroin

In a study published in the medical journal The Lancet today, Alcohol is reported to be the most damaging drug to the imbiber and to others overall, with heroin and crack coming in second and third most harmful. The report, authored by Professor David Nutt and his associate collaborators, states that when all factors related… Keep Reading

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