Chiropractic Care Ends Vertigo in 97% of Meniere’s Disease Patients

Ten years of Meniere’s disease research by Dr. Michael T. Burcon results in elimination of vertigo in 291 out of 300 patients. Michael T. Burcon, DC started researching Meniere’s disease (MD) ten years ago after having three MD patients quickly recover from their vertigo under upper cervical specific chiropractic care. His papers have been published… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Study Reveals Alcohol More Damaging than Heroin

In a study published in the medical journal The Lancet today, Alcohol is reported to be the most damaging drug to the imbiber and to others overall, with heroin and crack coming in second and third most harmful. The report, authored by Professor David Nutt and his associate collaborators, states that when all factors related… Keep Reading


Twitter to Display Ads on User Pages

Today Twitter is to begin displaying ads to individual stream users as the company expands its ad platform, Promoted Tweets. Similar to the existing Twitter Search promoted ads, the new advertisements will be targeted primarily by using keywords so it serves only ad topics that are relevant to the users. However these ads will be… Keep Reading


Oprah Winfrey Network Announces Two Reality Shows

The Oprah Winfrey Network, launching next year, has announced the creation of two new reality series. First reported was The Judds, a show that will follow the “the good, the bad and the ugly” of the relationship of the hit singing duo of Naomi and Wynonna Judd who are readying their first tour together in… Keep Reading


10 Year Old Girl Wakes from Brain Surgery, Sings Usher Song

A 10 year old Canadian girl – nicknamed the “singing girl” during previous treatment at Ottawa’s Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) – broke out into song after brain surgery at the  Hospital for Sick Children, singing Usher’s “DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again”. “She is just amazing,” exclaimed her father from Toronto, where… Keep Reading


Astronaut Checks into Foursquare from Outer Space

The first of its kind “NASA Explorer” badge was awarded to astronaut Douglas Wheelock on Friday by the location-centric social network innovator Foursquare. Wheelock accomplished this feat by checking in to the service from outer space while on a flight mission at the international space station some 220 miles above Earth. “Check-ins from around the… Keep Reading


Top Money Managers Donate Investment Advice for Charity

Chicago, IL — When the world’s top money managers gather in Chicago next week, amateur and professional investors will be “all ears” waiting for this year’s best investment ideas. The Second Annual “Invest For Kids” Conference is open to the public and the investment community, and will benefit seven local children’s charities. Tickets remain for… Keep Reading


Avatar Sweeps Inaugural International 3D Society Awards

James Cameron’s blockbuster “Avatar” was named best live-action 3-D feature this week  by the month-old International 3D Society, kicking off its inaugural Lumiere Awards at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. “Up”, also a contender for best picture at the most recent Academy Awards, won the best animated 3-D category. The animated flick “Partly Cloudy” won… Keep Reading


Haiti Battles Cholera Epidemic, 292 Dead

An outbreak of cholera in Haiti has resulted in 292 people killed and over 4000 infected. The epidemic is the latest disaster to hit the Caribbean nation since the earthquake on January 12 of this year. Haiti and its aid partners are fighting to contain the outbreak, but experts are saying the disease is spreading… Keep Reading


Long Distance Family Can Read Bed Time Stories to Kids

Today Zoodles launched innovative, free video features that close the gap between kids and family members far away. To date, Zoodles has focused on putting devices into “Kid Mode,” which allows kids 8 and under to play and learn independently on any device. Now for the first time, Zoodles is enabling grandparents and other family… Keep Reading

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