Syria Charges Teen Blogger with Espionage

A teen blogger from Syria has been sent to a women’s prison and held for more than 9 months because of comments on her blog stating displeasure at the lack of freedom of speech and human rights in her country. Tal al-Mallouhi, 19, was interrogated by Syrian Intelligence Services last December and subsequently arrested after… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Woman’s Gallbladder Removed Through Birth Canal

A woman recently had her gallbladder removed through her birth canal, making this revolutionary form of surgery one of the first ever performed in the U.S. The 42 year old woman was part of a clinical trial by surgeons at the Ohio State University to compare laparoscopic and transvaginal surgery. The groundbreaking surgery required no… Keep Reading


Justin Bieber to Host MTV’s Punk’d

A new season of MTV’s popular television series, Punk’d, has just been announced. It was also announced that the new season will be hosted by young singing sensation, Justin Bieber. Punk’d, a show in which celebrities get pranks played on them, was originally hosted and produced by Ashton Kutcher. He retired the series back in… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Solar Power Coming to the White House

WASHINGTON – U.S. President Obama is showing his commitment to promoting the use of solar technology in the country by installing solar panels at the White House. According to Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, the White House will soon have solar panels and a solar water heater installed. The move was announced at the 2010 GreenGov… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Las Vegas Hotel Design Creates “Heat Ray”

The term “sunburn” got a new meaning recently as guests at a Las Vegas hotel were injured by direct rays from the sun caused by the structure’s design. Due to the Vdara hotel’s unique construction and location, rays from the sun are reflected and magnified to create a spot of highly intense and concentrated heat… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Signal Detected from Nearby Planetary System

It was revealed this week that a mysterious pulse of light was picked up in the direction of the newly discovered Earth-like planet about two years ago. In December 2008, a scientist at the University of Western Sydney, Dr Ragbir Bhathal, was scanning the skies when he noticed a light coming from the direction of… Keep Reading


New Canadian Governor General Appointed

OTTAWA, Canada – Recently appointed Governor General, David Lloyd Johnston – who will represent the British monarchy in this Commonwealth country – accepted his new role “with joy…and with gratitude” as he gave his first speech to the Senate. After a long career as a university teacher and administrator, Johnston, 69, has now risen to… Keep Reading


Flame Thrower Bicycle Unveiled

A new bike that appears to have come from a James Bond film has recently been unveiled. Armed with a flame-thrower and an ejector seat, this newly designed bicycle appears to have been created  with the owner’s safety and protection in mind. Set to be officially presented at the Cycle Show at Earls Court in… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Aquamation May Be Greener Alternative to Cremation

A cleaner and greener alternative to disposing of bodies has recently been made possible by a new innovation. Australian company, Aquamation Industries, is the first in the world to introduce a revolutionary new method of disposing of bodies through aquamation. Using a process termed alkaline hydrolysis, the body is placed inside a stainless steel vat… Keep Reading


Twitter Now Getting More Traffic than MySpace

Recent developments in the social networking world have seen Twitter finally overtake Myspace as the third most popular social networking website today. The latest numbers from marketing research firm ComScore has listed Twitter as having approximately 96 million visitors per month. This makes it 1 million more than its next closest rival, MySpace. However, despite… Keep Reading

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