FDA: Mouthwash Makers To Cease Unproven Health Claims

The FDA has issued a warning to three major mouthwash makers to stop making unproven health claims. Johnson & Johnson, CVS Corporation, and Walgreen Company have all been warned by the FDA because their products claim to promote healthy gums and remove plague above the gum. The FDA has come out to say that their… Keep Reading


Goat Killed in Drive-By Shooting

In an unusual incident on Sunday evening, a dwarf goat became the unfortunate victim of a drive-by-shooting in Santa Fe, New Mexico. According to reports, neighbors and people in the vicinity heard three shots being fired. The owners subsequently discovered that their beloved Nigerian dwarf goat had been shot in the face and stomach area.… Keep Reading


‘The Hobbit’ Faces Possible Actors Strike

Already faced with difficulties in getting the green light for their new epic production “The Hobbit”, Warner Bros and New Line Pictures are preparing to have new road block placed in their path. The Screen Actors Guild has recently called for actors to boycott the film’s production, to support an international effort aimed at forcing… Keep Reading


Survey: American Religious Knowledge Lacking

A recently conducted survey has revealed that Americans in general do not have a good grasp of basic religious knowledge. Among those who participated, atheists, agnostics, Jews and Mormons outperformed Protestants and Roman Catholics in answering questions about major religions. Released by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life on Tuesday, the survey aimed… Keep Reading


Canadian Blogger Sentenced to 19 Years in Iranian Court

A famous Iranian blogger, Hossein Derakhshan, was spared the death penalty and instead sentenced to 19.5 years in prison for charges including spreading propaganda, insulting Islamic thought, and co-operation with hostile countries. Derakhshan, 35, has been affectionately referred to as “the blogfather” in Iran, due to his popular blogging software and instructions on how to… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Urine Tests Reveal Genetic Differences in Sense of Smell

PHILADELPHIA, U.S.A. – Scientists at the Monell Center have recently published results from a study that made use of individual differences to explain a genetic contribution to our sense of smell. According to the report, not all people are able to detect a distinct, sulfurous odor in their urine after eating asparagus and it was… Keep Reading


RIM Unveils iPAD Competition with PlayBook Tablet

NEW YORK – Research in Motion, maker of the popular smart phone giant BlackBerry, recently announced the PlayBook – a tablet computer aimed at challenging the iPad in the that market. The tablet arena has so far been dominated by the Apple iPad, but due to its enormous growth potential many companies are slowly trying… Keep Reading


iPhone 4 Launches in UAE and Qatar without FaceTime

The newest iPhone 4 has just launched over the weekend in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. However, buyers got a shock when they discovered that the popular FaceTime feature could not be performed on their iPhone’s front-facing cameras. According to local media, phones sold at UAE carriers Etisalat and Du, as well as those… Keep Reading


NATO Choppers Enter Pakistan Pursuing Insurgents

N.A.T.O. attack helicopters from Afghanistan crossed over into Pakistan territory in pursuit of insurgents over the past week. There was an exchange of fire during the incident and 49 people were reportedly killed. Although U.S. Maj. Michael Johnson states that crossing the border did not violate the International Security Assistance Force rules of engagement, Pakistan… Keep Reading


‘Octomom’ Sells Family Photos, Collectibles at Yard Sale

Mother of the famous octuplets, Nadya “Octomom” Suleman, held a yard sale earlier this week at her La Habra residence in California. According to media who attended, the public’s response was overwhelming with more than 150 people showed up by as early as 10:30 am on a Saturday morning. Nadya Suleman told the Orange County… Keep Reading

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