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Ex-Military: UFOs have Visited Nuke Weapon Sites

WASHINGTON – Ex-military personnel have urged the United States government to come clean and reveal facts about UFOs and other similar incidents. Witness testimonies made publis suggest that these unidentified objects have even gone to the extent of tampering with nuclear and weapons tests. More than 120 former or retired military personnel will stand as… Keep Reading


Vatican Bank Faces Money Laundering Probe

ROME, ITALY – Italian authorities have confirmed that the Vatican Bank is currently undergoing investigations for money laundering. Investigators are initially looking into two Vatican Bank transactions that did not comply with anti-money laundering guidelines. A statement issued by the Vatican has claimed that it is “perplexed and baffled” by the latest developments and the… Keep Reading


Resurgence of Bed Bugs in U.S.

Summer vacation might be over for most people but the bed bugs in New York are taking an extended holiday. Bed bug problems continue to plague New York City, which has been dubbed the #1 bed bug infested city by pest control company, Terminix. Recently, a 95,000 square-foot Nike Town store in the middle of… Keep Reading


Web and Mobile App Connects Road Rage Drivers

Interaction between drivers has taken a new step with the launch of, a new social networking site that allows users to connect to other drivers just by using their license plates. The website and smart phone app now lets drivers vent at drivers who cut them off or contact the attractive occupant of a… Keep Reading


Paris Hilton Admits Owning Discovered Cocaine

Celebrity socialite Paris Hilton, who had cocaine found in her purse when she was stopped by police last month, has now pleaded guilty to drug possession. Hilton had denied the drugs belonged to her when discovered by police. She will now be charged for misdemeanor offense of drug possession and obstruction of an officer and… Keep Reading


Lady Gaga to Lead ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Rally

Singer-songwriter Lady Gaga will be leading a rally in Portland, Maine in an attempt to get the state’s two Republican senators, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, to support a repeal of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy against gay and lesbian service members. Supporters of the repeal have stated that the do not yet… Keep Reading


Stevie Wonder Urges UN to Loosen Copyright Laws

Pop legend Stevie Wonder recently told diplomats from over 200 nations to stop fighting over copyright issues and support actions that can help blind people around the world. Wonder stated there is a lack of support and learning materials for the visually impaired all around the world due to various countries having laws that prevent… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Action-Game Players Make Good Decisions Quicker

Research conducted by the University of Rochester in New York has shown that action-gamer players have strengthened abilities to translate sensory information into accurate decisions. Although some players in the study may have started off with superior probabilistic inference skills, an additional experiment indicated and subsequently proven that playing action games amplifies an ability to… Keep Reading


Comic Artist on Islamic Hit List, Goes Into Hiding

Talented cartoonist Molly Norris has recently had to change her identity and go into hiding after heeding the advice of top security specialists at the FBI. The artist behind the popular “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” movement was put onto the Islamic hit-list earlier this year. Her idea – which began as a casual joking comment… Keep Reading


Abandoned Baby Saved By Airport Cleaners

A new-born baby left in the rubbish bin of a toilet in Manila was found and rescued by vigilant airport cleaners. Investigators believe that the baby was born in the toilet itself and a search for the mother has already begun. According to reports, the baby was conceived as the mother’s Gulf Air jet flew… Keep Reading

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