Anti-Radiation Tech to Make Cell Phones Safer

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I AM CELL AWARE™ Blockers are now available to cell phone users everywhere.

Due to the constant interaction of radio frequency waves, cell phones create electromagnetic fields like clouds of radiation that are absorbed by our heads and bodies. To combat that absorption, I AM CELL AWARE is now offering anti-radiation blockers that help to reduce the amount of radiation that is emitted from cell phones, thus, reducing the amount of radiation cell phone users absorb.

The blockers are the size of a credit card with a glossy finish so that they fit nicely between the cell phone and a cell phone case. Because the blocker has a glossy finish, it will not scratch or damage the phone.

The primary radiation blocking material used inside the blocker is copper. With the I AM CELL AWARE Blocker, radiation emission is reduced from from 77 mW to 0.1 mW. Any measurement over 1.0 mW is considered dangerous and cell phones emit into the 1000s when in use.

The FCC has recommended that cell phone users keep their cell phones at least one inch away from the body but the further from the radiation cloud the user is, the better. Using speakerphone, avoiding storage of the cell phone in pockets or near the heart, and keeping phones out of bed can minimize absorption, however, they do not minimize the emissions themselves.

I AM CELL AWARE campaign is centered around educating users about what habits to avoid when using a cell phone. Oftentimes, users will hold their cell phones to their ears, causing the brain to absorb radiation directly from cell phones.

Other bad habits that cell phone users tend to have include the following:

  • Holding their cell phone between their legs
  • Holding their cell phone in their shirt right next to the heart.
  • Sleeping with the cell phone in bed
  • Holding the cell phone to their head

The Blockers offer cell phone users protection and convenience. They’re light, easy to place, and most of all, they’re effective.


I AM CELL AWARE is the slogan for Tanenbaum Technologies, Inc., a company dedicated to making high-quality, anti-radiation products and alerting the public of the realities of cell phone consumption. By providing excellent products and offering objective information, we hope to change the way users interact cell phone technology.
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