Author Stages Bed-In to Elect Schwarzenegger President

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When No.1 New York Times bestselling author Ian Halperin was five years old, John Lennon and Yoko Ono staged their Bed-In for Peace at Montreal’s Queen Elizabeth Hotel. Forty years later, Halperin is planning to stage a bed-in of his own, but for a very different cause — electing Arnold Schwarzenegger President of the United States. It will be the first bed-in in book publishing history, Tuesday October 19-Thursday October 21. In support of amending the constitution Halperin will fast for 48 hours from his bed-in at NYC’s Warwick Hotel.

Halperin, the #1 New York bestselling Michael Jackson biographer, has just released The Governator, out this week from Harper Collins, about Schwarzenegger’s extraordinary rise. In the book, he documents the Austrian immigrant’s improbable success story as one of the most successful bodybuilders, movie stars and politicians in American history.

But there is still one thing standing in the way of Schwarzenegger reaching the ultimate pinnacle, the Presidency. That is the US Constitution that prevents the foreign born from running for President. Halperin will spend two days in bed this week to bring attention to what he calls the “discrimination” and “injustice” of this clause.

“When I started researching his biography, I didn’t like the man at all. I thought he was an arrogant bully. But as I followed his career spiral and watched him mature, I came to realize that he’s just what America needs in the White House. John Lennon’s bed-in took place only a couple of miles from where I lived in Montreal. I still remember how powerful their message was. I was only a child but I have never forgotten it.”

In the book, Halperin documents in detail Schwarzenegger’s audacious plan to get elected President after he leaves the California Governor’s chair in January, 2011. Halperin reveals that Schwarzenegger plans to abandon the Republican party, which he claims has been hijacked by extremists and the religious right, and run as an independent on a ticket with his friend, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. But first he needs to amend the constitution.

“I think my bed-in will help convince Americans how anachronistic and discriminatory the constitutional bar is and will provide an impetus to change it so that Arnold can run in 2016. That’s the year he turns 69, the same age as his hero Ronald Reagan was when he was first elected President.”