Safedome Launches Customized Hi-Tech Key Fobs to Automotive Companies

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With cars now more technologically-advanced than ever, so too is the simple car key. Yet, it’s not until you lose your car keys, do you truly appreciate just how advanced they have become.

“Replacing your key can be very expensive,” says Matt Denton, CEO of Maxwell Forest, the company behind Safedome, “with luxury car owners often having to cough up over $700 for a new one.”

“And when you realise that it can take up to six weeks to receive a new one, plus the time involved in reprogramming everything, then losing your key is something that you want to avoid at all costs.”

While there’s been a rapid rise in the Bluetooth tracker market, many are just generic, low quality trackers, with little or no thought going into the design.

“What we’re seeing more and more is that modern digital car keys, which represent a technically progressive brand,” says Denton, “are being diminished by being attached to cheaply made Bluetooth trackers that are the opposite of that hitech brand.”


“Car brands and dealerships are constantly asking us to find new ways to extend the customer experience and solve their customer’s problems,” says Denton, “with finding keys the number one frustration.”

The Safedome tracker fob connects to your phone via Bluetooth and alerts you if your keys go missing. The technology also includes the popular ‘find my keys’ and ‘find my phone’ features, along with other options like ‘find my car’ and ‘service reminders’.

“The best part about Safedome is that, unlike simple tracking apps and devices, it’s always active,” says Denton.

“Safedome knows when your keys are missing – before you do – and makes sure that you’re alerted quickly.”


“We believe that technically progressive car companies like BMW, VW, Hyundai, Genesis and others deserve better,” says Denton, “which is why we’ve focused our attention on delivering a product that solves an important problem, but still looks and feels right.”

It’s not only Safedome’s functionality that sets it apart from its competitors – it also does justice to the quality of the brand to which it is attached.

Safedome tracker fobs can be made with brand-matching materials, colours and shapes, and designed to feature the luxury car brand in the centre.

“Safedome is much more than a simple tracker – it brings the brand into the customer’s hand, and takes the experience beyond the car ride,” finishes Denton.

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