“I’m Not Dead Yet” Shines Humorous & Inspirational Light on Hospice Life

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I'm not dead yetAlthough death is inevitable, we can choose how and where to live out the last of our days. Mary Gatschene’s humorous and inspirational new book, “I’m Not Dead Yet,” shines light on hospice life – where people come not to die but to live until they die. To live and die with dignity and compassion is a goal shared by all.

I’m Not Dead Yet- Living Every Moment” by Mary Gatschene is a heartwarming book of short stories describing the precious moments created for those who are on their final journey in life.

You will be empowered to be that caregiver everyone values in their circle of care. Through the courage of those with life limiting illnesses and the strength of those who support them, you can bring to life your loved one’s “hopes” for the rest of their life. This could be the greatest gift they will receive.

“I’m Not Dead Yet: Living Every Moment” is a powerful and heartwarming book that is sure to be a huge support to anyone dealing with the imminent death of a loved one. Full of true stories that show the courage of the terminally ill patients combined with the great compassion and love of the staff and families who care for them, it offers us examples of ways we can help make the final days of the one who is dying more comfortable and meaningful. The book is thoughtful and well-written, and there is humour woven through that will help keep spirits lifted as people read the stories of the patient’s last days.”

~ Rebecca Hendry, author of Grace River, (Brindle and Glass, 2009)


It is clear that your patients are lucky to have a caregiver as dedicated and genuine as yourself.  We hope that people will appreciate that your book represents a helpful addition to the way patients and families understand and deal with end-of-life issues.”

~ John J. Morris, National Leader – Health Law; Certified Specialist – Health Law, BLG LLP

I’m Not Dead Yet-Living Every Moment” by Mary Gatschene, produced by FriesenPress, is available for order from most major online book retailers, including the FriesenPress Bookstore and Amazon.com. The eBook is available for Kindle and Kobo.

About the Author

Mary Gatschene has been a Registered Nurse for over 30yrs with diverse job opportunities in her nursing career. She believes she can make the most difference in Palliative Care and is inspired every day by those in her care.