Sneepets: A Social Network for Pets Envisioned by 9 Year Old

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sneepets“My brother is only 9, so I was very impressed he brought this idea to me,” said Francois Klakocer, Sneepets’ 25 year old co-founder. “My friend Guillaume Monnet, who is 29, and I first dismissed the idea as a feasible business, even though we both have pets and share a love for animals.”

After two years of development, Sneepets has just launched.

In only five days, the service has already reached more than 4,000 users.

This social network (website and apps) of a new kind combines the social networking features of Facebook and Twitter. Sneepets’s main focus is on making the sharing of fun pet pictures easy in an environment that is fun and simple to navigate.

Any user can create profiles for his or her pets, share pictures, status updates and more with his or her followers. All the content is public, and can be accessed even without logging in.

Signing up and registering a pet takes less than one minute. Everything is smooth, easy and intuitive.

Pet lovers can browse Sneepets’ best pictures thanks to algorithms that evaluate the website’s most popular content. The most relevant results are always displayed first, and many filters can be applied to a search. It is, for example, possible to display only baby cats.

In other words, the most potentially viral content is the easiest to find.
Sneepets has been built using a responsive design, in order to display properly no matter what the user’s configuration. In addition, it has been released in 4 languages (English, French, Spanish and German). The official app is already available for iOS and Android.

It is estimated that more than 15% of the 1.2 billion pets in developed countries are subject to the creation of a profile on a social network by their owners.

No website has managed to become the ultimate reference in terms of social network dedicated to pets. Sneepets aims at fulfilling that role and becoming the best ‘Social Petwork‘.

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