Make Time for the Outdoors, Boost Economy

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The Federal Government is hopeful that the summer season will see an increase in the number of families that are heading to the great outdoors for some family fun.

While the travel plans have been booming this season, the leaders of the country are hoping that travelers will be patronizing many of the natural wonders and recreation communities in the country.

The 4th of July season is usually the busiest of all the holidays for the outdoors activities. In recent years the campgrounds and RV parks have seen a sharp decline in the number of visitors. As such they are hopeful that the slowly recovering economy will spur people into the outdoors and help the slumping businesses.

This is further pushed by the need to get the children of the country active again. Studies have shown that being outdoors and participating in recreation is far healthier than the video game style of life that most of the children are living. The childhood obesity problem is still in full swing and through a series of campaigns the Feds hope that outdoor activities will aid in the recovery.

With the recent reports from AAA showing that more Americans are planning on traveling this summer the hopes that outdoor activities will be part of that travel are high. With jobs more secure, people are set to hit the road and in doing so they should be in line to help the businesses that rely on the outdoor enthusiasts as well.

Several states are also reporting large increases in the number of fishing licenses that are being issued. This is another area where the recession based economy made its mark. The cost of a fishing license was not in the cards for many of the people that were out of work. State leaders are hopeful that more people will go back to fishing as a form of outdoor recreation.

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