Now You Can Get the World’s First Hanging Car-Window Pillow

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The Willow

The Willow, the world’s first hanging car window pillow that allows people to sleep in a car in any position at any time, is now available on Kickstarter.

With its name derived from the words ‘window’ and ‘pillow,’ the Willow was created by Jason Junod – who came up with the idea after traveling by car for several hours over many months to visit a sick relative.

“Every weekend, my family was visiting my step-brother who was undergoing treatments for Leukemia at a University of Minnesota hospital six hours away – but I quickly realized that sleeping in a car is easier said than done,” Junod said. “I would bring my pillow along and try to sleep, but could never get quite comfortable, so that’s why I created The Willow.”

The Willow, designed so any person can use their favorite pillow on a trip, comes in two pieces that includes a mounting bar and a pillowcase.

The mounting bar, made of a sturdy vertical plastic and wrapped in black fabric, has hook Velcro (the tough part of Velcro) and a bendable plastic clip at the top of the bar that can rotate 360 degrees – allowing it to adjust to any curved window.

The standard-size pillowcase is designed with its back side made entirely of loop Velcro (the soft part of Velcro), and material underneath that’s an extremely rigid black nylon fabric, while the front side is a sweatshirt fleece composed of a polyester/cotton blend that’s breathable and super soft. In addition, there’s a sleeve inside the pillowcase that prevents the pillow from falling out.

“To use the Willow, you simply put your pillow in the pillowcase, roll down the car window, hook the plastic clip attached to the mounting bar onto the window, roll the window all the way up, and attach the backside of the pillowcase to the mounting bar,” Junod said. “From there, it’s just a matter of adjusting the bar and pillowcase location to find your most comfortable sleeping position.”

The Willow is designed with an additional sleeve on the outside corner of the pillowcase that allows the pillowcase and mounting bar to be rolled into it, making it compactable and portable.

The Willow is available in two colors, navy or gray, during the initial crowdfunding – with more possible color options to be added throughout the Kickstarter campaign.

As a special incentive, early crowdfunders who back the product can purchase a limited supply for only $25. The regular price for the Willow for the remainder of the crowdfunding campaign is $30, with a two-pack available for $50 – and more discounts available when multiple packs are purchased.

“I initially created The Willow for personal use, but realized many families who are constantly driving back and forth, especially those with children, could really benefit from a product like this,” he said. “With The Willow, you can hang your favorite pillow on any window using our innovative design and get the best sleep you’ve ever had in a car.”

For more information or to purchase the Willow at a crowdfunding discount, and at a special introductory discount in the first 72 hours of the campaign, visit The Willow campaign page on Kickstarter.

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