Amazon Continues Fight Against Fake Review Services

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This past Friday, Amazon filed lawsuits against five websites for allegedly selling false book and product reviews and ratings on Amazon’s platform – the newest step in its year long campaign to crack down on these services.

Amazon has filed three separate lawsuits since April 2016 that targeted over 1,000 alleged false employees.

A number of websites similarly sued have already shut down, and those actions resulted in obtain information to prosecute people who weren’t involved in the lawsuits but resulted in Amazon banning some sellers and contributors.

Amazon is keen to make sure its millions of customers trust its 5-star ratings system, especially as these reviews allow shoppers to know how good – or bad – products are before they make their purchases on line.

While Amazon has repeatedly said that only a small fraction of the opinions that appear there are fake, and that it uses strict controls to close many of them, the company fights a seemingly endless battle against other fake review service sites that continue to pop up.

In October, it filed another lawsuit that focused on over 1,000 such sellers on the Fiverr website, which allows people to sell jobs and services for $5 or more.

Amazon sued California resident Jane John-Nwankwo, New York resident Chris Embry, and the operators of three other websites in this most recent lawsuit.

Photo: Simone Brunozzi (cc)