Avandia Problems Reported Before FDA Could Act

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A well known diabetes drug has several problems that can lead to a patient’s death and the FDA has convened a hearing about the safety the medication.

However, reports on the risks of taking Avandia have been released by a doctor who has been conducting a study on its effects before the FDA can act.

Avandia is used by millions of Americans for the control of diabetes. In the early days of the medication it was hailed as one of the best on the market for diabetic patients. However, it was soon linked to several heart conditions and some of the side effects can end in death if not treated.

Dr. David Graham, a leading investigator for the FDA, wants the drug banned. Over the course of his study he has noted that older patients that take Avandia are more likely to develop deadly heart related problems.

Several patients that were studied developed straight heart failure, leading to the conclusion that the drug is dangerous and should be pulled from the market.

When the first detection of dangerous side effects came to light the drug maker, GlaxoSmithKline, placed a warning label on the product. Still the FDA investigators and many doctors believe that despite the warning label Avandia remains far too dangerous to remain on the market.

The company has refused to comment on the dangers of Avandia and continues to actively make and distribute the drug. This is nothing out of the ordinary as most pulled medications are sold up until the FDA makes a formal declaration of its dangers.

Several law firms have started taking steps to bring a mass lawsuit against the makers of Avandia. Despite the claims, the FDA must follow protocols when reviewing the safety of the medication and then make a final determination.

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