Connect & Go: Cashless Payments for the Homeless

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connect and go

Established in Montreal, Connect & Go has marketed its hi-tech bracelets to a variety of promotional events, festivals and sports events. They can be used to control access to places, administering loyalty programs, or accepting electronic payment.

A bracelet being proposed for use by the homeless will be the exact same as the one distributed to attendees of events already using Connect & Go.

In practice, a passer-by could easily and quickly add a bracelet holder’s account to their smartphone’s mobile app simply by passing it over the wristband. That would make it possible for them to transfer money to the individual money at any time, even remotely.

Funds would be placed in a trust account that the bracelet owner will be able to redeem for products through a virtual currency system at participating merchants that could exclude certain categories of products, including alcohol.

In the event a person’s bracelet is stolen or lost, it can easily be deactivated. At the time of payment, the retailer would see the photo of the account holder which would allow him to authenticate it is the valid owner.

The bracelet’s first deployment is planned for June, 2018.