Churches Being Offered Free Streaming Hardware and Software

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The leading video streaming provider for churches, according to churchtechtoday, has announced it will give away software and hardware to all its new customers. is now enabling each new customer to choose between a full copy of Wirecast by Telestream or a Churchstreamer device, along with the free Roku and Apple TV channels they’ve already provide for free.

Offering unlimited live streaming to all devices along with video archiving and full website integration, the platform also distributes the live feed to Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Vimeo, and many other social sites.

The full-featured video streaming platform also provides viewer mapping and statistics that provide detailed data about the audience and the types of devices they are viewing from.

“We are very excited to be able to give away this software and these devices to churches. Many churches are already stretching their budgets to provide live streaming for the elderly and those that are unable to attend in person,” said Michael Smith, Director of Marketing , “Hopefully this will lessen the burden of the up-front cost. Live streaming is such a win-win for the church. We are just happy to be a part of helping make that happen”

More and more people are interacting with their church on the internet, and adapting the newest technologies allows churches to reach new parishioners as well as existing church members no longer physically able to attend.

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Release source: PRWeb.comPhoto: Jake Guild (cc)