JetPack Aviation Sells World’s First Commercial JetPack

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JetPack Aviation has announced the sale and delivery of the the JB10. It is the world’s first commercial jetpack and sells for $250,000.

The company designs and manufactures small, turbine powered VTOL jetpacks for military, industrial, and individual customers and now offers the JB10 duel engine model.

“We believe this sale is the definitive first step on the road to widely accessible Personal Flight Mobility, said CEO David Mayman. “Whether we are enabling the extraction of Special Forces soldiers, moving emergency medics from hospital to disaster site, or commuters from home to office – JPA is focused on a wide range of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) transportation solutions. Our JB10 is designed to be a proof-of-concept and we are already working on several other long endurance aircraft including fully electric systems”.

JetPack Aviation’s first public demonstration flight – with FAA permission – took place in 2015 with a flight around the Statue of Liberty. It has since performed public flights in London, Monaco, and Los Angeles.

“People have dreamed of individual flight for as long as we have looked to the sky,” said Principal Designer Nelson Tyler. “Now, after decades of work and thanks to our extraordinarily talented staff, the dream of personal flight is a solid reality. And it’s available for sale today.”

JPA – currently under contract with the US military and receiving international government inquiries – is offering sponsored promotional flights for corporations and events.

According to the company’s release, small investors wishing to be part of jetpack history are being accepted through March 31, 2017 via an equity crowdfunding campaign.

Photo: Jetpack Aviation