16.7% of EU Consumed Energy in 2015 was Renewable

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Renewable energy sources accounted for 16.7% of energy consumed in the European Union (EU) in 2015, according to new statistics.

This is almost double the 2004 level.

The European Union’s statistical office, Eurostat, announced on Tuesday that the share of renewable energies rose from 16.1% in 2014 to 16.7% the following year.

In 2004, the first year for which data were available, this figure was only 8.5%.

The objective of the EU is to increase this share to 20% by 2020.

Sweden was the EU Member State with the largest share of renewable energy in 2015, accounting for 53.9% of its total consumption.

Luxembourg and Malta came last with 5% each.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons