Order Uber and Lyft Directly from Google Maps

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With the upcoming app update for iOS and Android, users will be able to manage their on-demand car trips directly from the Google Maps app.

Google announced January 12th that users of its popular map app will notice several changes with the update that has started its roll out.

The most important change is that users of the application can request and pay Uber and Lyft services directly from Google Maps . In addition, as they are already on a map, users will be able to track the vehicle that will pick them up and communicate with the driver.

Google will change the way it displays driver services options, as well as the prices they charge, so you can see the vehicles available in your area on the map. Google Maps will also show you if there are any Uber and Lyft promotions.

This update for iOS and Android is part of Google’s effort to bring more useful services to users of its map application.

Other functions that can already be used include being able to make reservations for restaurants or an exercise course directly from the app.