18 Year Old Builds Prosthetic Arm Out of Legos

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Prosthetic lego arm

From the age of 9, David Aguilar wondered if he might be able to use Lego blocks to build himself a prosthetic arm.

Now 18 years old – he has done exactly that.

Using components from a Lego helicopter kit, David constructed a prosthesis that he can fit his arm into. It has internal gears to open and close his new hand so he can pick up light objects and even do push ups.

Lego helicopter
Parts were provided by a Lego helicopter kit

The young man from Andorra – a small independent principality located between France and Spain – said in a video (below) that he has been “a big fan of Lego since being a kid.”

In the video, David briefly describes the prosthesis and demonstrates its abilities by picking up items in his room.

He currently attends high school and is reportedly hoping to become an aeronautical engineer in the future.

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