Mercedes S-Class Autopilot is Faster Than Tesla’s

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Tesla Autopilot

The Mercedes S-Class which was on display at the Shanghai Motor Show has an improved semi-autonomous driving system that appears to at least one benefit above the Tesla Autopilot system: its maximum speed on a highway.

Intelligent Drive – the Mercedes version of Autopilot – can now operate at 210 km/hr (130 mph), while the previous version allowed to reach 200 km/hr.

The latest upgrade of Tesla’s Autopilot allows its vehicles to operate up to a speed of 137 km/hr (85 mph).

But regardless of the technological speed capabilities of these two manufacturers’ vehicles, the difference is also a reflection of the geographic priorities of each company as dictated by their respective road environments.

Mercedes can ride on the Autobahn in Germany, which includes many sections with no speed limit.

In comparison, the US highway network includes only a handful of highways with a maximum speed of 85 miles per hour, with the speed limit lower on the majority of highways.

Selling a car that can go much faster than the speed limit is not illegal, but there may be legal implications in providing a device that allows a car to drive itself faster than is permitted by law.

Photo: Automobile Italia (cc) | Video: Cheeky Cars7