All Mercedes Models Will Have Electric Versions by 2022

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Smart Car

Daimler, the world’s top high-end automaker, said at International Auto Show on Monday that it would be offering electric or hybrid versions of all its Mercedes-Benz brand models by 2022.

The plan will encompass more than 50 versions of electrified vehicles, including both hybrid and fully electric models.

The company’s Smart Car (above) will also become the first brand of its conventional car to go completely electric by 2020.

In March, Daimler announced that it would launch more than ten new standard electric cars by 2022, from the Smart Car model to a large SUV.

According to media reports, Frank Lindenberg, chief financial officer of the Mercedes-Benz brand, said 25% of global sales for Daimler by the year 2025 will be from electrified models.

However, these electric models may generate less profit compared to conventional vehicle sales, at least at the beginning of the conversion cycle.

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