Obama to Appear on Mythbusters, Promote Science to Youth

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U.S. President Barack Obama publicly announced his future appearance on Discovery Channel’s science television program “Mythbusters”.

The announcement came as a part of his office’s bid to advocate the fields of science and technology, mathematics and engineering, amidst fears of a dwindling economy due to inadequacy of formal education in these subjects.  The president’s television stint is a continuation of his recent television appearances that included a town hall meeting on MTV and an interview on “The View” last July.

The President will appear live on “Mythbusters” on the 8th of December to unravel a previously debunked myth dating back 2,000 years. That legend claims that Greek engineer and mathematician Archimedes burned an attacking fleet of Romans by concentrating the sun’s rays at them with mirrors.

Other stories exposed by the “Mythbusters” team this year were questions such as ” What’s worse, having an empty beer bottle smashed over your head or a full one?” and ” Can a sniffer dog be thrown off the scent using household items?”

Obama confirmed to the press during a White House science fair event that he was indeed taping with Mythbusters, and jokingly expressed regret that he wasn’t able to personally burn anything.

At the week-long science fair held in Washington’s National Mall, the President spoke of studies ranking American students 25th in the fields of mathematics, engineering and science before announcing winners of the event’s competitions and proclaiming them as signs of better rankings for the country going forward.

Some of the event’s highlights were high school science projects that included a motorized chair invention, a solar-powered carbon-fiber vehicle, and research findings on gel rubber as an effective substitute for foam in helmets.

Obama invited event winners to his office and indicated plans to continue those invitations for other national science and mathematics award winners.  He said the invitations are to give students recognition for their achievements and to “dump Gatorade over their heads” – a reference to the tradition practiced by winning sports teams.

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