Neurosurgeon Broadcasts Surgeries Live Over the Web

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Aaron Cohen-Gadol, MD, a neurosurgeon with Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, is using the latest internet technologies to webcast his surgeries live online to train other doctors remotely.

In a recent conference of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons in San Francisco, 200 of the country’s best neurosurgeons logged in to view the live surgery taking place in Indianapolis, and were able to talk live with Dr. Cohen-Gadol while watching the live video stream in full 1080p High Definition using Novia Technologies’ HD webcasting technology.

Due to the limitations of live video streaming – particularly latency – neurosurgery in high magnification and high definition broadcast in real-time has never been done before, according to Dr. Cohen-Gadol.  However, he added “with omNovia, my students and colleagues can watch the operation as if they were next to me. We can create an interactive environment where we see the same images, view and discuss X-rays together and collaborate for an improved patient outcome. For busy physicians, this can be done with just a laptop and Internet connection, so they save time and money on travel expenses and software.”

Shawn Shadfar, CEO of omNovia Technologies, said “We are very proud omNovia enables live webcast of surgery in HD video and improves the quality of surgical education,” says . The company is now working to add 3D video streaming capability to its webcasting portal.

Following Dr. Cohen-Gadol’s successful showcasing of this webcasting system – proving the benefits for medical training and off-sire referrals – omNovia Technologies is confident other doctors will begin to utilize their system to benefit from its financial savings and learning opportunities.

The omNovia Technologies company was launched in Houston, TX in 2003, with “the clear vision of bringing the power of visual online communication to every business.” It reports to be a leading global provider of collaborative online meetings, webinars, online trainings and HD live event webcasting solutions.