No Release for Man Accused of Yahoo Hack

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A Canadian court on Tuesday refused to release on bail a man charged with massive cyber attacks against the Yahoo! Internet group, pending his possible extradition to the United States for trial.

Karim Baratov, 22, a Canadian from Kazakhstan, was arrested in Canada in March at the request of US authorities for alleged electronic hacking, commercial espionage and other crimes.

His lawyers promised to fight to prevent his extradition, a long procedure that could begin in June.

US authorities accuse the Russian secret services of hiring Mr. Baratov and another hacker for the attack against Yahoo !, initiated in 2014 and considered to be one of the largest in the world, with at least 500 million Compromised user accounts and information thefts that lasted until 2016.

The attack targeted Russian journalists, Russian and American government officials, as well as employees of private companies. The Kremlin denied any Russian involvement in the cyber attack.

Mr. Baratov’s lawyers had pleaded for him to be placed under the supervision of his parents, with his father promising to monitor his actions, day and night, asserting in court that in comparison “prison would look like a paradise.”

However, the prosecution alleged that the young Mr. Baratov was in contact with foreign spies and there was a risk of escape if he were released.

Photo: Christoph Scholz (cc)