Hackers Linked to Pyongyang Likely Behind WannaCry Virus

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The group of hackers Lazarus, suspected of being connected with North Korea, is most likely responsible for the recent global cyber attack WannaCry, said Symantec, an American publisher of anti-virus software.

Pyongyang has already denied any link with this massive computer attack that infected hundreds of thousands of computers. The pirates demanded ransoms in bitcoins from the victims to enable them to recover their use.

Symantec believed that the “ransomware” used (ransomware, malicious code) had many of the characteristics of other Lazarus attacks, including the Sony Pictures hijacking in 2014 and a multi-million dollar robbery against the central bank Of Bangladesh in 2016.

Without mentioning the alleged links of this group with the reclusive country, Symantec explains that an earlier version of WannaCry had been used in a small number of attacks the three months preceding the global cyber attack that began on May 12.

An analysis revealed substantial commonalities in the tools, techniques, infrastructures used by the pirates and those observed in previous Lazarus attacks, so that it is highly likely that Lazarus was behind The WannaCry attack, according to Symantec.

Computer security specialists in South Korea, the United States, Russia and Israel have already pointed an accusing finger at North Korea.

Up to 300,000 computers in 150 countries have been infected with WannaCry .

Last week, North Korea vehemently denied any connection with this cyber attack.

North Korea appears to have intensified cyber attacks in recent years. According to the experts, it seeks in particular to recover the foreign currencies that are sorely lacking due to the sanctions imposed on it because of its nuclear program.

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