“Redraw Keyboard” Brings Gamification to Your Phone’s Keyboard

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The swift rise in the ranks at Google Play by T-Me Studio’s Redraw Keyboard app can be chalked up to three things, according to the company:

1. its growing selection of **themes** that cover personalization needs ranging from minimalist and practical all the way to playful and colorful

2. the **virtual coin-based** system of rewards, the leaderboard and the game-like challenges that keep users engaged within the app;

3. the array of **fast-typing functionalities** for on-the-go professionals – instant translate, Google Docs integration, gesture typing, easy switching between languages and layouts.

Redraw Keyboard’s 5-million milestone achievement, just four months after launch, comes at a time when coverage for the app is increasing as well.

The start of 2017 saw the first coverage of Redraw Keyboard by an American TV channel, when it was featured on AMC in the NewsWatch-produced CES Special (below) that aired on January 6th.

As described by the host in that segment, “T-Me Studios [the maker of Redraw Keyboard] has been on a roll these last couple of years, creating over 6,000 personalization apps for the Google Play store.”

T-Me Studios is based in Bucharest, Romania – the brainchild of two young Romanian entrepreneurs who create launchers, keyboards, lockers, live wallpapers, watch faces and more.

The Redraw Keyboard app was created to enable mobile phone users to personalize every aspect of their device. Its popularity is sure to continue as the developers have committed to implementing new features, most of which have been requested by its users.