The Electronic News Network features a team of experienced writers for each column who have past professional backgrounds in their respective topic categories.

We accept Press Releases from charities, businesses, and institutions for inclusion in our Releases section. Simply paste the release text in the  ‘Message’ box on our contact page. That page is also suitable for contacting us with news suggestions or questions about submitting press releases.


Steve Gill – [] email

Steve has been on the net since the late 80s and producing news since the late 1990s. Beginning with faux CNN-style news reports for an international military simulation – which eventually evolved into the current Electronic News Network site – in recent years he has been involved with publishing institutional and government related news as well as editing a local news site in Kingston, Ontario. Steve is also a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) and CEO & Co-founder of Arcana Media.

Robert John – [] email

As co-editor of the Electronic News Network, Robert also edits and approves submitted and located press releases that meet the standards of ENN and contribute to its reader experience. Robert also writes unique news articles based on releases that are considered particularly news worthy for our readers.


WORLD NEWS : Steve Gerard – [] email

SCIENCE : Heather Denise – [] email

MEDICAL : Selby Jordan – [] email

TV & HOLLYWOOD : Courtney Hart – [] email

GADGETS : Dick Mathison – [] email