3D Printing Pen Turns 2D Drawings Into 3D Reality

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HamiltonBuhl, the designer and manufacturer of electronics and presentation equipment for education industry, has just released their new 3D Magic Pen.

At the touch of a button, your doodle or hand-drawing can pop out of the flat 2-dimensional paper world and become a real 3-dimensional object.

“The 3D Magic Pen is an amazing tool designed with safety and comfort in mind,” said the President of HamiltonBuhl, Shelly Goldstein. “Apart from creativity and fun, the 3D Magic Pen™ is a great way to foster learning too. Art stimulates creative thinking – which is essential in implementing cognitive skills, developing better communication, problem-solving, and increasing overall literacy.”

Designed to expand the imagination and help master complex learning, the 3D Magic Pen is very easy to use.

You simply plug it in, watch the screen for optimal temperature, then press for action.

Key features include:

    Easy grip design
Self-feeding motor
Ceramic nozzle for safe use
Speed adjusting dial
Vibrant filament colors
Quick cooling and hardening filaments
Non-toxic filaments

The 3D Magic Pen comes with three color filaments and packs of fifteen color filaments or individual color rolls are available separately for purchase.

The pen is now available at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $79.99 and can be purchased directly at HamiltonBuhl.com or through HamiltonBuhl’s educational dealer network.